Nigerian music sensation Ayodeji Balogun who’s widely known as Wizkid,shocked the industry when he announced his break from music and plan to pursue a new career in sports. The unexpected statement was prompted by a fan’s desire for new music, to which Wizkid originally reacted with a funny emoji which is a surprising twist to his fans.

On his Instagram account, Wizkid not only revealed that he is currently on holiday, but also playfully stated, “Una papa dey holiday, make I enjoy” (Your daddy is on holiday, let me enjoy). Keeping up the playful tone, he humorously suggested that he might take a hiatus of 4 to 5 years to explore opportunities in various sports fields such as football, golf, ‘FIFA hoe,’ and ‘wrestling bitches.’ Wizkid is not afraid to shake things up and try new things while taking a break from his music career.

After the surprising announcement from the renowned musician,fans and followers online are buzzing with curiosity and excitement over this. But the burning question remains: is this just a temporary pause in Wizkid’s music career or a more permanent change? Only time will tell.


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