The Manchester derby serves up iconic moments and sensational goals. Below is a list of top 10 scorers in the history of the derby.

1. Wayne Rooney (11 Goals):Rooney is a Manchester United icon that had the ability to always find the back of the net particularly in big matches. His famous overhead kick in 2011 remains one of the most celebrated moments in derby history.

2. Joe Hayes (10 Goals): he spent 1953-1965 with Manchester City, shares the spot for joint-high scorer against United. He is still City’s all-time top scorers, bagging 152 goals in 363 appearances.

3. Francis Lee (10 Goals): Francis Lee not only had pace but was also prolific from the penalty spot (he now holds the English record for the most successful spot-kick conversions in a single season).

4. Sergio Aguero (9 Goals): Sergio Aguero has etched his name in the history books with quite a few memorable goals against the Reds, not least in 2012. His nine strikes have him well up in the all-time Derby scoring history!

5. Bobby Charlton (9 Goals): Bobby Charlton, one of England’s best, and a genuine Manchester United legend. Charlton’s goals against City only furthered his legendary status at Old Trafford.

6. Colin Bell (8 Goals): Colin Bell, another England international part of one of the greatest City teams, he was a part of the team that won the First Division in 1967-68, and was their key protagonist.

7. Eric Cantona (8 Goals): Affectionately known as ‘The King’ in his days at Old Trafford, Cantona’s strength as a player in the 90s during Manchester derbies came as a result of his ability to steer United to multiple Premier League titles as well as his performance habit on the stage.

8. Brian Kidd (8 Goals): Holding a unique place in Manchester’s football history, he is one of a select few who can claim to have both played and scored in this monumental matchup and later coached for both clubs, endearing himself to virtually all of the support on each side of the rivalry!

9. Joe Spence (8 Goals): As prolific goal scorers go, there are few bigger than Joe Spence, who notched eight times against City in the 1920s and 30s, to conclude his United career as our top scorer of all time at the time.

10. Paul Scholes (7 Goals): Paul Scholes, known for his long-range passing and midfield prowess and an eye for a goal, scored on seven different occasions when appearing in Manchester Derby matches with Manchester City, one his most memorable, coming in 2010, netting a headed winner at the Etihad.

These top scorers have made an indelible mark in the Manchester derby, which is a testament to the rivalry’s rich history and drama.


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