Rwandan superstar Bruce Melodie recently reflected on his career and shared valuable insights gained from working with international promoters, notably the renowned artist Shaggy. During an Instagram Live session hosted by Trace East Africa, the artist discussed various aspects of his music journey, highlighting his upcoming collaboration with Shaggy, titled “WHEN SHE IS AROUND.”

One of the pivotal insights gained from Bruce Melodie’s illuminating meeting with preeminent personalities in the music industry, particularly famed producer Steve, was the absolute necessity of promotional advocacy within the business of song. He underscored that promotional advocacy plays an indispensable role in an artist’s accomplishment, highlighting its weight as a fundamental prerequisite to prospering amidst the confines of the industry.

Bruce Melodie also afforded a glimpse into his impending plans, shedding radiance on his upcoming collection to be titled “Sample.” He expressed his eagerness, depicting it as a spectacular project. However, he acknowledged that his new tune with Shaggy, “WHEN SHE IS AROUND,” must be savored by his devotees before they can delve into the full album.

The opportunity to partner with a renowned artist like Shaggy no doubt energizes Bruce Melodie as his dedication to both advancing his music and fulfilling audience expectations stands as a heartfelt tribute to his passionate devotion to his vocation. He continuously chases new horizons in the industry through targeted promotion and sophisticated compositions for music fans all around the world.


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