Did you know that there’s a museum dedicated entirely to toilets? In New Delhi, the Sulabh International Museum Of Toilets offers a unique and often humorous journey through the history and evolution of these essential facilities. This one-of-a-kind museum features a rare collection that spans from 2500 BC to the present day.

Visitors to the museum can embark on a remarkable journey through time, exploring the plumbing systems of ancient civilizations and marveling at the intricately decorated toilets of 18th and 19th-century Europe. The museum provides a comprehensive look at how toilets and sanitation have evolved throughout history.

One of the museum’s highlights is a toilet from Austria that is shaped like a lion. Visitors even have the opportunity to sit upon this unusual and artistically designed toilet, making for a memorable and quirky experience.

The Sulabh International Museum Of Toilets not only offers a fun and educational experience but also highlights the importance of sanitation and hygiene in our daily lives. It underscores the significance of proper toilet facilities in public health and society.

So, if you ever find yourself in New Delhi and are looking for a unique and offbeat museum experience, don’t miss the opportunity to explore the world of toilets at this intriguing museum. It’s a reminder that even the most mundane aspects of our lives have an interesting history worth discovering.


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