In a stunning turn of events, Bongo megastar Diamond Platnumz sent shockwaves through the entertainment world with a back-and-forth announcement regarding his relationship status. The ‘Enjoy’ hitmaker took to his Instagram account on January 18th to declare that he was single, only to backtrack hours later, stating he was still taken.

Diamond’s initial proclamation read, “From today ningependa niwatangazie rasmi kuwa I am single. Sidate wala sina mahusiano na mwanamke yeyote,” expressing his desire not to be romantically associated with any woman. This revelation left fans and industry insiders bewildered, especially considering his recent romantic gestures towards on-and-off girlfriend Zuchu.

Just two months prior, Diamond flew Zuchu to South Africa for a lavish birthday celebration. Videos shared on his Instagram Stories captured the moment as he escorted her into a restaurant, where a violinist serenaded the ‘Sukari’ hitmaker, culminating in a reserved table by a pool.

The unexpected announcement fueled speculations and divided opinions, with some questioning its authenticity and others viewing it as a potential publicity stunt for a forthcoming project. The abrupt nature of the revelation, given Diamond’s recent public display with Zuchu, left many perplexed.

Shortly after the social media storm erupted, Diamond revisited the digital realm to offer clarification. Seemingly responding to fans’ dissatisfaction and perhaps nudged by his own girlfriend, he announced, “Niwajulishe tu kwamba Swala la USINGLE limeshindikana hivyo naendelea kula raha hubani kwenye Kisiwa na Kitongoji Kilekile cha Karafuu…Na wote mlokua mnashadadia poleni sana,” signaling a retraction of his earlier statement.

With a touch of humor, Diamond scolded those celebrating the news, reminding them that breakups aren’t always as straightforward as they may seem: “People just don’t break up that easily!”

Adding to the intrigue, Diamond highlighted the ongoing mystery surrounding his relationship with Zuchu. Despite being signed to his label, Wasafi Records, and their undeniable chemistry, both artists have consistently downplayed their connection, echoing sentiments shared by Diamond’s mother and Zuchu’s mother, who maintain that the two are merely in a working relationship.

As the drama unfolds, fans are left to ponder the complexities of Diamond Platnumz’s love life, wondering where the truth lies in the whirlwind of declarations and denials.


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