Nigeria’s African Giant made history in Berlin ,Germany as he sold out a show and shut down the Mercedes-Benz Arena. Videos are circulating on social media showing the afrobeat’s star lying on a sea of fans waving their hands to his multi-award-winning music.

This achievement is highlighted by the clear presence of the Mercedes Benz logo on the arena’s roofing, significantly confirming Burna Boy’s remarkable performance at the venue. Burna Boy is not only a growing global popular artist but also the first African artist to accomplish such a feat as highlighted by the sold-out show.

Burna Boy made a big impact on the international music scene and not only that but he is the first African artist to fill the Mercedes Benz Arena in Berlin which has more than a cultural significance. And with that, both fans and media outlets have recognized and of course celebrated this accomplishment.

Burna Boy’s success in selling out this iconic venue reinforced even more his position as a trailblazer in the world of afrobeats and global music as he continues to break barriers and set new records.


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