In a significant development, the European Court of Justice has ruled against UEFA and FIFA, stating that their actions in blocking the formation of the Super League in 2021 violated competition law.

Real Madrid and Barcelona have reaffirmed their unwavering support for the Super League following this ruling. Super League CEO Reichart declared, “UEFA-monopoly is over. Football is FREE. Clubs are now free from the threat of sanction AND free to determine their own futures in the Super League.”

The new Super League plan involves 64 teams across three tiers: Star, Gold, and Blue leagues. The proposal emphasizes sporting merit, with no permanent members and annual promotion and relegation between leagues. Additionally, promotion into the 3rd tier Blue League will be based on domestic league performance.

Super League aims to offer free viewing of all matches for fans and guarantees revenues and solidarity for participating clubs. However, it is crucial to note that both the European Club Association (ECA) and UEFA have clarified that the court’s judgment does not support the Super League project in any way. The situation is rapidly evolving, and further updates are expected. Stay tuned for more information.


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